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Legos In Paradise

Build it Strong, Build it Simple.

2006 Accomplishments:
1st Place Regional Winners!
1st Place Innovative Robot Design!

Welcome! This site is made by Legos In Paradise. We are a team from First Lego League.
  We have a presentation that's about nanotechnology. We had to solve a problem. Our problem is that fuel costs are too high, we are running out of fuel and there is too much pollution. We had a solution to use hydrogen fuel to reduce all of these problems but to make hydrogen fuel you must use normal fuel, so it would not reduce any of these problems. So this is not our solution. Our real solution is a fuel additive called F2-21. It only takes 8 ml (1/4 oz) of F2-21 to treat 16 gallons of gas. F2-21 cleans your engine, raises your gas mileage and reduces pollution. We think it would be a good idea to have F2-21 right at the fuel pump so more people can use it. We contacted H2OIL Corporation. The President of the company, Mr. Hicks, donated some F2-21 fuel additive! F2-21 creates a three dimensional lattice structure built from 64 quintillion individual nano-clusters. Each nano-cluster is 3 to 9 nanometers in diameter. We contacted Mr. Daves, a commercial and industrial distributor for H2OIL, and he gave us emissions test results because we were not able to obtain these types of tests in Michigan.
For a fuel emissions chart, Click here.

How F2-21 works in your engine:

When F2-21 nano-fuel reaches the engine and begins to burn in the combustion chamber, these nano- clusters rapidly pick up heat and literally explode. The explosions generate two very significant benefits: 1) Larger liquid fuel droplets are broken down into smaller and more readily vaporized sizes, and 2) Increased turbulence improves localized mixing of air/fuel vapor.

When exploding nano-clusters reach the surface of the engine combustion chambers, a very gentle and steady cleaning action is created which slowly removes any accumulated combustion chamber deposits. A clean combustion chamber gives cooler combustion, reduced exhaust emissions including NOx, and allows the use of significantly lower octane fuel.

Without F2-21 in your fuel:Fuel injectors spray fuel into the combustion chamber. Regular atomization produces large drops of fuel, which do not burn completely during combustion. Incomplete combustion increases harmful emissions and promotes buildup of combustion chamber deposits.

These deposits act as thermal insulators, raising combustion temperatures and increasing NOx emissions.

Combustion chamber deposits and incompletely burned fuel also contaminate the engine lubricating oil, which can reduce engine life.

With F2-21 in your fuel:

F2-21 creates millions of tiny nano-clusters in the fuel. These nano-clusters explode just before and during combustion, increasing turbulence and generating smaller fuel droplets. smaller fuel droplets vaporize completely, leaving no unburned fuel residue. This results in more complete combustion, which increases power and improves mileage.


F2-21 bottle

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2006 Challenge - Nano Quest


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We make a robot that does missions. the more missions it does the more points we get.

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This is our robot and missions table.2006 Table 

This is our robot getting ready to do the blue wobbley table mission. Our Robot

Everyone is building a mission Model building day

About "Legos In Paradise" team 4430

Below In Back: Alex, Ben, Joel, and Seth.  Front Row: Calvin, Aaron, Matt, Josh and Tim.

2006 Team Picture

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Joel is setting up the dirt dumper. These are some of the legos before we sorted them.

These are the legos after they were sorted. We are cheering because we finally sorted the legos!!!