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 Legos in Paradise (Team 22) - 2008 Fundraising Projects

Legos in Paradise 2008 Fundraising Projects

The Green Clean Fundraiser
Shaklee Basic H2 Organic Super Cleansing Concentrate
One 16 ounce bottle makes 48 gallons of cleaner!
Use for appliances, counters, walls, stainless steel, windows, floors, ovens, grills, engine grease, pots & pans, and more.
You only pay $20 and $10 goes to the team! Contact us for more information at

Recyclable Can and Bottle Fundraiser
If you know a team member, give him your cans and bottles! If you don't live too far away, we will even come and pick them up.
Pampered Chef Fundraiser with Tami
Order now with direct shipping to your home.
20% of the sale total goes to our team!
E-mail to order.
Or visit the Pampered Chef Online Catalog

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